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About me
My name is kingsley, 19 years old from Nigeria. Am tall, fair in complexion, brown eyes, good looking, hardworking and presentable

Hello buddy,

Am a guy born on the 12th of June 1985. I was born on the Northern part of the country (kano). I had my Nursery Education there in the state(Good foundation in education Nursery and primary school). I and my parents had to fled for our dear life on the 12th of October 1991, when there was a riot between our own (Igbo) and the hausa's. Many life were claimed as that time. But thank God he saved us

Thanks to God.

Vist Lovebird Mania, the website dedicated to Lovebirds

The History or Story Behind My Site
I've always see other people's site even my friends abroad. I decided to have mine, cos I'm tired of them telling me to visit their website.

When I started, it was very hard on me. I thought I won't make it, but thanks to my friends who stood by me.

I will always put up my best in maintaining and upgrading this site.
And I can only achieve this when you give me informations and comments.

nutrocker.co.uk visit Nutrocker for free website graphics, buttons, tiles and free photos. Also free online courses, a bulletin board, webmaster resources and online tools.

Dad for being there.
Peter for encouraging.
Mum for advice and finance
My cousin for advice and encouragement.
Joe, Nedu, and Chudy for ur advice.

Emeka, you are my secret information provider.

Williams ur encouragement spured me a lot.
Egbujie's family for encouragement and support.

Thanks for loving me The Ojeh Family.

To all my well wishers, I thank u all and wish all the best 4 u all.

I remain
(Friend for all)

Email Me!
This is specially dedicated to FGC-IKPENE alumni students of 2002. Including my best friend Williams Ogbonna

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